It's In My Blood

Rebecca proudly owns her Texan upbringing, but her soul echoes inflections from New Mexican roots where her parents, their siblings, and grandparents resided. In her own words, 

“This passion for creativity has been stirring in my blood since I was a child. I was influenced by diversity and culture. Add into the mix some technical training and poof ... ” 

Rebecca’s family is gifted with musicians, artists, crafters, writers, architects, and photographers, to mention a few. Her mother studied as an art major at the University of New Mexico (UNM), her father also studied architecture, and her uncle Santiago Chavez, has been a professional artist currently living near Lake Tahoe. 

Learn more about Santiago Chavez art - here!

An Evolving Passion

The fascinations of music, art, and design were encouraged and fostered by her family. The passion grew stronger each year, and she knew at a young age that she would aspire to have a lifestyle that encompassed it. In Kindergarten, she frustrated her teachers because she wouldn't color within the lines or with the established color palette. Her natural sense of creativity couldn’t be contained. To this day, she’s inspired by color, movement, energy, emotions, opposites, light sources, and nature. As she matures, her experiences and passions bring energy from her soul through her art.

“If something can move me and not leave my thoughts, it’s worth creating something out of it. I don’t put a limit or label on my art. I like to explore. I like my viewers to explore. My pieces contain an element of ambiguity to inspire individual experiences either through thought or emotion.”

Rebecca’s uncle and artist, Santiago Chavez, motivated her to pursue this artistic passion a few years into her Marketing career. She described his influence saying,  

“He was thrilled to see my new work and made a point to tell me that it’s worth pursuing. When a professional artist tells you that you have the potential, you push away the fear and just put it out in the world.”


Rebecca attended the Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School. In Middle School, Rebecca took art classes from a local artist in Floresville, Texas (Mrs. Mary Jane Carson Donaho wife of Deacon Scott R. Donaho, Jr.). She was accepted into the Advanced Placement (AP) Art Program at Floresville High School and won AP Art Student of the Year during her Senior Year. She attended college at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) to focus on a degree in Marketing. 

Now she creates and explores her love of art, as inspired. She also donates unsold and specially created art pieces for fundraising events such as her beloved Sacred Heart Catholic School, including: 

- The Society of Marketing Professional Services San Antonio Chapter (SMPS)

- Trinity University